BEC初级课程:landing a job
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Getting started:面试邀请

Dear Philip Doe:

Thank you for applying for the position of marketing assistant with L'Oreal in New York, NY.

We would like to invite you to come to our office to interview for the position. Your interview has been scheduled for May 1, 1pm, at 575 5th Ave.

Please call me at 212-984-4598 or email me at if you have any questions or need to reschedule.

Peter Paxman
Regional Manager
575 5th Ave, NewYork, NY


Does he have an interview?

Philip received this email on April 30th. What does he need to do for tomorrow's interview?

Prepare for the interview准备面试

What are the three things you need to do in preparing for the interview ?准备面试需要哪三样东西?

1. Ask for leave if you have work to do. 1.如果你有工作要做要请求离开

2. Plan transportation so that you won't be late and you have more time to get ready. 2.预算好交通时间,这样就不会迟到,而且有更多时间做好准备

3. Bring at least two copies of resume and reference. 3.至少带上2份简历和参考。

Research the company调查公司

Search the company on the internet to learn about the company, company structure the position you applied for.在网上调查这家公司,了解它和它的架构以及你申请的职位。

If you are a young professional, go to the company office to know more about the company mission and its staff. 如果你是个职场新手,去公司看看,了解公司的职责和员工。

Practicing interviewing练习面试

Practice interviewing by having a friend or family member run through typical questions with you. And also come up with questions of your own, because you will be asked if you have any at the end of the interview. Having one will show you've done your homework and are truly interested in the job.和朋友或是家人联系面试中经典的问题。同样要准备一些问题。因为在面试结尾你会被问到是否有问题。准备一个问题表明你做过功课,而且对于工作是真的感兴趣。

Tips on interview preparation. 面试准备小贴士

1. Dress professionally for the interview穿着职业化

· have one good suit to wear. 穿一套正式套装

· try everything ahead of time. 提前做好所有事

·pay attention to detail.注意细节

2. Research the company 调查公司

· Use the internet. 利用互联网

· Use your connections on professional networking sites. 利用职业网络关系

3. Prepare for the interview 准备面试

· Request time off. 预留时间

· Plan logistics. 有条理地做计划

· Print out extra copies of resume and references. 打印额外的简历和参考

4. Practicing interviewing. 面试练习

· have someone to run through the questions with you. 让别人提问你

· come up with your own questions. 准备好自己的问题

Quiz: 练习

1. Listen and mark the correct answer. After you have listened once, replay reach recording.

How much does the man earn in total at the moment?

 A. £35,000


 C. £46,000


(C )



Would you give Philip the job of marketing assistant? Why? Why not?



Do you think Philip got the job? If you think he did, write an email to Philip telling him:
· that his application was successful
· the date the company would like him to start work
· that he should reply by email to confirm his acceptance of the position offered

If you think Philip didn't get the job, write him an email:
· thank him for attending the interview
· telling him that his application was not successful
· informing him that you'll keep his CV in your files

Useful language: 关键句型
I'm writing …
I am pleased to inform you that…
We would like you to…
Please confirm…
We look forward to…
I regret to tell you that…
We will keep your details…
We wish you luck in your…