It is a cause that unites some of Wall Street’s top financiers with the presidents of Russia and Iran – the struggle to reinstate wrestling as an Olympic sport.

The International Olympic Committee unleashed hell and fury from wrestling’s numerous global outposts last month when it announced that one of the few sports that links the modern games with those of ancient Greece was likely to be dropped after the 2016 games in Brazil.

A Russian former Olympic wrestling champion returned his gold medal to the IOC in protest. In the margins of the US-Iran nuclear talks, officials expressed their mutual contempt for the IOC. And in the executive suites of Wall Street, the workplace of a sizeable number of former wrestlers, the collection tins are being rattled to fund a lobbying campaign aimed at reversing the decision.

Mike Novogratz, president of Fortress Investment Group, who wrestled at Princeton university, is spearheading the campaign to raise up to $3m. Other prominent supporters include Josh Harris of Apollo Global Management, Todd Boehly of financial services group Guggenheim, Barry Bausano of Deutsche Bank and Richard Tavoso of RBC Capital Markets.  
曾在普林斯顿大学(Princeton university)参加摔跤运动的Fortress Investment Group董事长马克•诺沃格拉茨(Mike Novogratz)正在牵头募捐,目标是筹集300万美元。其他著名支持者包括阿波罗全球管理公司(Apollo Global Management)的乔什•哈里斯(Josh Harris)、金融服务集团Guggenheim的托德•伯利(Todd Boehly)、德意志银行(Deutsche Bank)的巴利•包萨诺(Barry Bausano)以及加拿大皇家银行资本市场(RBC Capital Markets)的理查德•塔沃索(Richard Tavoso)。  

Wrestling was dumped by the IOC during a review of the London Olympics. Fila, the world wrestling federation, “just didn’t take the process seriously enough”, said Mr Novogratz.  

The IOC meets in September to ratify the sports for the 2020 games. But seven other sports are lobbying for inclusion, notably squash and karate. They are fighting for one place.  

The uproar has soothed US-Iran relations at a sporting level. The Iranian team has accepted an invitation to a match in Times Square in May.