International marketing offers a way to counteract aggressive competition from foreign competitors at home.

marketing: 是包括购买和销售,以及市场调查、产品开发、制订生产计划、定好价格、做广告宣传和包装等事项。
sales: 是指企业将产品生产出来之后由企业的销售人员将之流通给消费者的过程。按照传统的科特勒的营销的概念,sales其实是包括在marketing中的。

marketing strategy 营销策略
marketing cost 营销成本
Marketing Director 市场总监

Homework: Reading Comprehension

Increasingly, sports marketing is becoming a popular way to advertise a company's goods and services. For an annual fee, you can have your company name on the shirts that sporting team or individual wears.
As sports are incredibly popular on TV, having your company name on a shirt or cap means that millions or even billions will associate your company with the sport.
Sports marketing is not cheap though, so some companies try other types of visible marketing such as putting their company name on tall buildings, or by supporting arts and musical events.
The two most lucrative sports marketing events are the Olympic Games and the Football World Cup. If you can wait four years and have a large enough budget, by sponsoring these types of events, you can virtually ensure that the entire world will know your company.

Which sports marketing method does NOT mention in the article?

A. A company can have its name on the shirts that sporting team wears by paying an annual fee.
B. Some company try putting their company name on as tall buildings.
C. A company can use the Olympic Games for its sports marketing.
D. Football World Cup is one of the two most lucrative sports marketing events.