A-Mei: Sherry, are you from Shanghai? I have some questions for you because I am going to Expo in Shanghai tomorrow.

A-Mei: Sherry,你是上海人吧?我有几个问题想问你,我明天打算去参加上海世博会了。

Sherry: Yes. What kind of questions do you want to ask?

Sherry: 嗯,你想问什么问题呢?

A-Mei: Because it's my first time to Shanghai, I don't know if it is easy to get around there. Do you know how to get to the Expo park from the Shanghai Railway Station by public transportation?

A-Mei: 因为我第一次去上海,我不知道路好不好找。你知道在上海火车站下车以后怎么去世博园吗?

Sherry: Yes. Take the subway, take Line 1 to People's Square and then transfer to Line 8. When you are on Line 8, get off at Yaohua Road. You will see a huge red building right in front of you, which is the China Pavilion.

Sherry: 你可以先乘地铁1号线到人民广场站,然后再换乘8号线,到耀华路站下车。出站上到地面,一眼就能望见中国馆那个巨大的红色建筑了。

A-Mei: And how can I go to Puxi park from Pudong park?

A-Mei: 那么我要从浦东园区到浦西园区怎么走呢?

Sherry: That's easy. Just take Line 13, which is the Expo special route connecting pavilions, with no charge for entrance ticket holders.

Sherry: 这个简单。坐地铁13号线就行,它是世博会期间唯一贯穿世博会馆的专线,到时持世博会门票的游客都可以免费乘坐呢。

A-Mei: Thank you very much, Sherry! You are so helpful. I think I am so thrilled right now.

A-Mei: 太感谢你了,谢丽!你帮了我的大忙。我现在好兴奋啊!