Adele may have kept us all in the dark when it comes down to her baby name, apart from revealing her [en]nickname
for the little one yesterday, but it's now been suggested that the baby is called 'Angelo' after the singer was spotted wearing a necklace with the name on yesterday.[/en]

The 24 year old star has been keeping the name under wraps since he was born back in October, but did reveal the babies nickname as 'little peanut' yesterday.
自从去年10月喜得贵子,24岁的阿黛尔一直没有向外透露宝宝的名字,直到昨天才在媒体面前以昵称“小花生”(little peanut)称呼他。

According to The Sun, a source said: “Those close to Adele have been told the baby is called Angelo. We’re not sure of the significance of the name." “She’s wanted to keep it quiet but it was always going to come out sooner or later."

“Wearing an Angelo necklace not only backs up what is being said, it suggests she’s not worried about people finding out.”

Adele picked up a Golden Globe award last week after winning Best Song for James Bond's 'Skyfall', but still refused to give anything away about her baby name.At last week's awards bash, she told red carpet reporters that revealing the name would be "too personal and intimate. I'm not ready."

Adele is still in LA following her Golden Globes win, and according to the Mail Online, she's expected to remain there until the Oscars.She's nominated for the Best Song award for her James Bond theme, Skyfall. She's famous for her down to earth attitude, and some are surprised by her decision to keep her baby's name private.

According to the Daily Star, Jessica Alba, already a mother of two, wanted to send Adele's new baby a gift basket but had to leave the tag blank because she didn't know which name to write.
《每日星报》称,杰西卡·阿尔芭(Jessica Alba)想送给阿呆一个宝宝礼品篮,然而因为不知道孩子的名字只能把卡片的上款留空了。

An insider told the newspaper: "Jess organised a gift basket with baby creams, shampoo, luxury nappies, the sort of things Adele wouldn't want to traipse around LA looking for."

It is thought that she phoned several celebrity friends before giving up.