Katy Perry has revealed the meaning behind her Bon Appétit single, saying it's about women being in control, despite the video showing the singer being cooked by a group of men.

Speaking to KISS FM's The Thinkergirls on Monday, the popstar revealed to hosts Stacey June and Kristy Mercer that the song is about female empowerment.
周一水果姐接受KISS FM The Thinkergirls采访,向两位主持Stacey June 和Kristy Mercer说这是一首关于赋予女性权利的歌曲。

Katy was driven to divulge the meaning behind the song and accompanying clip after Stacey gave her interpretation to the singer.

'For me, I found that we're not pieces of meat,' Stacey said. 'You can chop us up and eat us all you want but we're not food for your pleasure.'[/en

[en]Agreeing with the host's assessment, Katy said the song was about women being in control.


The song, a collaboration with hip hop trio Migos features such lyrics as: 'I'm on the menu, baby,' and 'got me spread like a buffet.'

Katy said that while 'posing a question' in song was a fringe benefit of her work, for her it was more about creating a feeling of 'escapism' in the audience.

'It's not my job to preach at a person or tell them what they should think,' she said.

'It's nice, though, if I can pose a question or broaden a perspective - I just have to reflect sometimes what's going on in the world a little bit, but also make some escapism music.'