Together again! Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio reunited at Coachella’s Neon Carnival in Thermal, California, on Saturday, April 16. 

They denied rumours of a romance last year, and it was claimed there was nothing going on between them even after they were apparently spotted kissing in January.  But Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna added fuel to speculation they are more than just friends.

The “Kiss It Better” singer, 28, rocked an oversize pair of bedazzled yellow sunglasses, while the Oscar winner, 41, stayed low-key in a baseball cap and dark shades. After Rihanna sneaked in through the back entrance, DJ Politik played her hit single “Work.” 
演唱歌曲《Kiss it better》的28岁歌手蕾哈娜,戴着一双超大的闪亮的黄边墨镜,与此相反,奥斯卡奖得主——41岁的莱昂纳多则装束低调,戴着一顶棒球帽和一副墨镜。在蕾哈娜偷偷地从后门溜进后,DJ Politik演奏着她的热门单曲“Work”。

DiCaprio, who was “in great spirits” was seen whispering in Rihanna’s ear as she smiled.


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该小道消息瞬间在娱乐圈掀起轩然大波。各大娱乐头条版面都争先恐后对两人的关系提出各种猜想。国外网友也提出了各种分析论,表示“你们都哪只眼睛看见他们在flirting了不就是两个人在say hi吗?”“这照片半点罗曼蒂克的气息都没有……”“人家都这么大了就算调个情约一下又怎么了==”“媒体啊,naive的是你们……”


Rihanna may have been linked to several musicians over the span of her career, however, sources reveal the singer is making of a "conscious effort" to date more stable guys that she's done with dating rappers like ex-boyfriends Chris Brown and Drake.

Music-News reports that the 26-year-old, who has had a turbulent love life since her 2009 assault case involving "Loyal" singer Brown before recently dating and then splitting from Drake in 2014, is now pursuing a more stable relationship with rumored beau Leonardo DicCaprio.

The duo sparked romance rumors on New Year's Eve as sources suggest the rumored couple were seen kissing and showing lots of PDA, instantly sparking relationship rumors.

According to a source, "They've had a flirtation going on for years, but nothing happened until December...She keeps falling for bad boys then is devastated when they don't work out." The source continued, "She's making a conscious effort to change the type of guy she dates. Rihanna is really close to her family and wants kids one day. She knows she couldn't turn Chris Brown into a father figure, so it wouldn't surprise me if she is looking for a more stable guy."

Despite DiCaprio's notorious dating history that mainly includes actresses and supermodels, sources reveal the "Titanic" actor is smitten by the Barbadian beauty.

"Leo has struggled with commitment to any woman in the past, but he is at the age where he wants kids. [Leo's mum] loved Rihanna instantly. She told her that she loved her drive and ambition."

The source clarifies, however, "Rihanna's not in a rush to start a family, but wants to lay the groundwork for a family-based relationship up front. Leo appreciated it. He doesn't often get that level of trust from his girlfriends. It's really taken things to the next level."