Listen to a short talk about the abbreviations used on the Internet.





One feature of the information superhighway is that the traffic travels fast, and techies use their own special shorthand to keep messages zooming along. Today we'll help you decode tech talk by answering some not so frequently asked questions about abbreviations on the Internet. What does it mean when a message includes the letters AISI or IMHO? AISI stands for “as I see it" and IMHO is shorthand for “in my humble opinion." Some modest folks will also add FWIW before sharing their opinion, which stands for “ for what it's worth." Others express their disapproval with the letters CMIIW. That is, “correct me if I'm wrong."
信息高速公路的特点之一就是传播速度快,工程师们用特有的简约表达使信息量急速上升。今天我们就通过回答一些不常用的网络缩略语来帮你解密技术用语。 当一条信息包含AISI或IMHO的时候是什么意思呢?AISI代表“就我看来”,而IMHO则是“依在下所见”的缩写。 有些谦虚的伙计还会在表达看法的时候加上FWIW,表示“不论如何”。还有人会用CMIIW表达他们的不同意见,表示“如果我说错了请指正”。