You are going to hear a passage on international business.






China is the biggest market in the world, and many countries such as Germany, the USA, the UK and Russia do a lot of business there. Let's have a look at some important tips to help you be successful with these nationalities. Firstly, you must be punctual with Germans. Even five minutes late makes a bad impression. Being punctual is also very important in the USA. In the UK, it's important to be punctual for business meetings, but nobody expects you to be on time for a social event. Half past seven really means quarter to eight, or even eight o'clock! With Russians, always be on time, but don't be surprised if your Russian contact is very late! It's not unusual for them to be one or even two hours late!
中国是世界上最大的贸易市场,许多国家,比如:德国、美国、英国、俄罗斯都在这里进行贸易活动。我们看一下几个重要的建议,以便帮助我们成功地与这些国家进行贸易活动。 首先,与德国人会面必须准时。即使是迟到5分钟也会使人对你的印象大打折扣。“准时”对美国人也很重要,而对英国人而言,准时对于商务会面是很重要的,但一般的社交活动则就没有必要。一般在这种活动上,7点半实际上指的是7点45,甚至是8点。和俄罗斯人来往也应该注意准时。但如果对方来的很晚你也不必感到吃惊,对俄罗斯人来说晚个一两个小时也是很平常的。