America the Beautiful

The bright young star of Ugly Betty is a real beauty



Picture a young woman with unattractive glasses, thick eyebrows and a smile that reveals a mouth full of braces. This discription can't fit the lead character in a popular TV series, can it? Well, it can! And it does.

Meet America Ferrera, star of the hit American comedy-drama Ugly Betty. Ferrera portrays plain Betty Suarez, a hard-working assistant at a fashion magazine. Even though Betty is surrounded by models, her inner beauty more than makes up for her imperfect appearance. Her good heart – and her refusal to be something she's not – allow her to succeed.

In real life, the beautiful Ferrera is adored by fans and critics alike. She won major awards for her Ugly Betty performance last year.

Born in Los Angeles in 1984 to Honduran parents, Ferrera is the youngest of six children. Ferrera knew from age 7, when she landed a role in a school play, that she wanted to be a performer. Her mother, however, insisted that America pursue other interests. She didn't doubt her daughter's talent but worried that an acting career wouldn't be easy for a young Latina.

Word Bank:

braces (pl n)牙套
Jane wore braces on her teeth for two years in junior high school.

series (n)系列
I just finished the third book in a series of ten. I have seven more to read.

land (n)谋得,达到
After studying hard, Evan landed a great job at a TV station after graduation.

performer (n)表演者
Campbell is a multi-talented performer—he can sing, dance and even act!


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