What do you look for in a potential date? Sincerity? Good looks? Character? Conversational ability? Asked to ____1____ such qualities, most people put physical attractiveness near the ____2____ of the list. Of course. Intelligent people are not greatly concerned ____3____ such superficial qualities as good ____4____; they know that “beauty is only skin ____5____.” At least they know that’s how they ____6____ feel.

This intuition ____7____ looks matter little may be another example of our ____8____ real influences upon us, for there are many research studies ____9____ that appearance greatly determines initial attraction.

Some researchers have matched students ____10____ blind dates to see what qualities led to liking. Immediately after the dating, and again three months later, the students ____11____ their dates and speculated about ____12____ they felt as they did. Men more than women ____13____ their date’s physical attractiveness was important. But, ____14____ the date’s physical attractiveness actually predicted the women’s attraction ____15____ their dates more than men.

In another study, Elaine Hatfield ____16____ 752 university freshmen for a dance party.

For each person, the researchers secured a variety of ____17____ and aptitude (能力) test scores, but then actually matched the couples ____18____ . The couples evaluated their dates after the party. How well did the personality and aptitude tests predict attraction? Not well at all.____19____ the researchers could see, only one thing ____20____ : how physically attractive the person was. The more attractive a woman, the more he liked her and wanted to date her again.

1. A. list  B. select  C. rank  D. arrange

2.A. top  B. middle C. bottom  D. front

3.A. to  B. at  C. in  D. with

4.A. look  B. looks  C. looking D. lookings

5.A. deep  B. thick  C. shallow D. thin

6.A. have to  B. ought to C. must  D. should

7.A. as  B. what  C. which  D that

8.A. accepting  B. admitting  C. refusing  D. denying

9.A. indicate  B. to indicate  C. indicating  D. indicated

10. A. to  B. on  C. at  D. in

11. A. evaluated  B. predicted C. contacted  D. communicated

12. A. what  B. how  C. why  D. that

13. A. believed  B. suspected  C. confi rmed  D. argued 

14. A. to the contrary  B. in addition C. in spite of that  D. similarly

15. A. at  B. in  C. with  D. to

16. A. recruited  B. enrolled  C. matched  D. dated

17. A. personality  B. appearance  C. achievements  D. individuality

18. A. interactively B. randomly  C. precisely  D. systematically

19. A. As long as B. So much so that  C. To the extent that  D. So far as

20. A. predicted  B. mattered  C. valued  D. determined