Humankind’s future safety and longevity of life on Earth largely depend on the environment which we live. Keeping the air we __1
breathe free of pollution is a major priority towards making this earth a safe place. Other areas of concern are water, land, the ozone layer, and the preservation of flora and fauna of the planet.
Every country has ecological issues to deal. In South America, __2
the rain forests are rapidly disappearing as people burn and cut down trees to make for farmland. Many Middle-Eastern and Asian countries __3
have a battle to fight with air, water, and land pollution. Lakes and swamps are spread with debris. __4
Mass chemical spraying is used to kill pests on trees and plants. Abundant __5
use of water in countries as China has caused major water shortage. __6
Rivers become polluted by factories and the populations that live on their banks. Global warming is considered a major factor caused __7
the droughts in eastern China, the Sudan, Ethiopia, and northern Kenya.
The reduction of the ozone layer is blamed for the global warming trends in variant countries of this globe, and the spread of disease like skin __8
cancer. Societies at large need to pay attention to the existing problems in order to get of the imminent danger of famine, drought and diseases __9
that rise from the damage that pollution causes. __10
1. ^which-in
此处的介词其实是和live连用的,live in the environment.

2. deal^-with
deal with是固定搭配,意思是“解决,处理”。

3. make^-way
根据上下文可以断定此处文章要说的是“人们烧,伐树木为的是给开垦农田让路”。make way for something是“给……让路”,符合此处需要的意思。

4. spread-polluted/littered

5. ^Abundan-the

6. as-like

7. cause-causing

8. variant改为various

9. get^of-rid
固定搭配get rid of 是“摆脱”的意思。

10. rise-arise

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