1. Which of the following is not a political division on the island of Great Britain?

A. England

B. Scotland.

C. Northern Ireland.

D. Wales.

2. Which of the following is not one of the 3 largest cities of the U.K.?

A. London.

B. Edinburgh

C Glasgow.

D. Birmingham.

3. Mt. Ben Nevis, the highest mountain of the U.K, stands in _______.

A. Scottish Highlands 

B. Wales

C. England

D. Northern Ireland

4. The second longest but most important river of the U.K. is _______.

A. Severn River

B. Rein River

C. Thames River

D. Colorado River

5. Cardiff is the capital of _______.

A. England

B. Scotland

C. Wales

D. Northern Ireland

6. Manchester is nicknamed as _______ of the world.

A. Cottonopolis

B. Iron City

C. Ghost City

D. Automobile City

7. ______, though not the highest peak, was the “backbone of England”.

A. The Pennine Chain

B. The Ben Nevis

C. The Rocky Mountains

D. The Alps

8. The United Kingdom does not share border with any other country EXCEPT _______.

A. France

B. The Republic of Ireland

C. Germany

D. Iceland

9. The “land of song” refers to _______.

A. Ireland

B. Wales

C. Scotland

D. England

10. The largest freshwater lake is _______ in Northern Ireland.

A. Loch Lomond

B. Loch Neagh

C. Windermere

D. Ullswater

11. The two large islands that make up the British Isles are _______.

A. Scotland and Ireland

B. Britain and Scotland

C. Great Britain and Northern Ireland

D. Great Britain and Ireland

12. The United Kingdom is located in _______.

A. northern Europe

B. western Europe

C. northwestern Europe

D. southeastern Europe

13. The British Empire was replaced by the British Commonwealth or the Commonwealth of

Nations in _______.

A. 1921

B. 1931

C. 1945

D. 1950

14. The Commonwealth of Nations is an association of independent countries _______.

A. that were once colonies of Britain

B. that have a large number of British immigrants

C. that have close relations with Britain

D. that have fought on the side of Britain in the two world wars

15. The English Channel separates the island of Great Britain from _______.

A. Denmark 

B. Belgium  

C. France

D. the Netherlands

16. Scotland occupies the _______ third of the island of Great Britain in the British Isles.

A. southern

B. northern 

C. eastern

D. western

17. Britain’s longest rivers are _______.

A. the Severn and the Clyde

B. the Thames and the Clyde

C. the Clyde and the Humber

D. the Severn and the Thames

18.  Britain’s climate is infl uenced by _______, a warm ocean current that passes the western coast of the British Isles and warms them.

A. the North Atlantic Drift

B. the Brazil Current

C. the Labrador Current

D. the Falkland Current

19. England’s biggest naval base is _______.

A. Dover B. London  C. Plymouth D. Portsmouth

20. The _______ of London is famous as centers for drama and music and is also a commercial


A. City of London  

B. Greater London

C. West end

D. East end