1.Black Smith mopped the fl oor, cleaned the windows, and other odd jobs.

2.People can be relatively rich only if you are relatively poor, and as power is mainly in the hands of the rich, public policies refl ect their interests rather than those of the poor.

3. Understanding the cultural habits of another nation, especially one containing so many diversified subcultures as the US, are a complex, bewildering task to us.

4. And they must not break the rules too often if we want to win the games.

5. It also served to stimulate a fundamental curiosity about the processes itself.

6. He would cause more noise with mere newsprint than most people do sophisticated black market fi reworks.

7. According to a recent study, the Japanese increasingly is seeing a decline of their traditional work-moral values.

8. Before liberation our life was worse than draught animals.

9.Like his other cookbooks, this man offers lengthy explanations of what he considers to be basic cooking principles.

10. Not only the members of the club but also the manager were friendly to me.

11. In fact, today’s teenagers are misbehaving a lot less than his parents did.

12. A regular series of articles focus on strategic home repairs and redecorating that can be done to prepare a home for sale.

13. Many a writer and artist have longed to travel back in time to the sizzling Paris of the 1920s, to sip absinthe with Hemingway at Les Deux Magots or dine on.

14.Either my elder brother or I are prepared to fetch the fi shing set left at home.

15. The bund, in addition to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, are the tourist attraction in Shanghai.

16. Nothing else at this festival comes close to stirring up the excitement and sense of discovery generated by “Beasts”, which also have inspired a minor critical backlash and worse.

17. It is I that is in charge of the project sponsored by the government.

18. Amazingly, Dannie is the only one of the volleyball players that have won the most valuable player award.

19. There are a double bed, two tables and three cupboards in the house the Smith have rented.

20.After the earthquake, the homeless was accommodated in the stadium of the primary school.


1. 答案 ∧other — did
解析:此句主要考查修辞结构一致,前面的并列结构都是did sth.的动宾结构,and 后要保持一致。

2. 答案 you — others
解析:此句是说,如果一部分相对比较穷,那么一部分人就会相对 比较富。将人群分为两部分,此处就不能用you ;others才可以表示人群的一部分。

3. 答案are — is
解析:此句的主语并非subcultures ,而是句子开首的understanding ,故相应 的谓语动词应 该用单数形式is。

4. 答案we — they或they — we
解析:按照句子逻辑 ,谈论的应该都是“我们”或“他们”的事 ,上下文应保持一致。

5. 答案itself — themselves
解析:此处反身代词指代 的是processes ,应用复数形式。

6. 答案do∧— with
解析:此句前半部分是cause noise with newsprint ,后半句是并列句 ,do代替cause noise,后接with sophisticated black market fireworks。故此处缺少介词with。

7. 答案is — are
解析:the加上形容词一类人的时候后面应用动词的复数形式 ,如 :The old receive particular respect in Chinese society. 除非句子宾语暗示其视为一个整体 ,如 :The Chinese is a brave people.

8. 答案animals — animals’
解析:此题考查比较级中的一致性问题,“我们 的生活”不能与“牛马”比较 ,应该是“生活”与“生活”比较 ,可以是that of draught animals 或draught animals’。

9. 答案man — book
解析:此题同样考查比较级中的一致性问题,作为介词,like/unlike后面所接的名词就是一个被比较的对象 ,该名词与句子主语构成比较关系。但此句like后接的是book,而主语是man,因此需要改为book。

10. 答案were — was
解析:此题考查主谓一致性问题 ,由or, not only...but also..., either...or..., neither...nor...连接主语时,谓语的单复数形式与靠近的主语一致,因此此处应当用单数。

11. 答案his — their
解析:本句的主语是teenagers ,为名词 的复数形式 ,本句 中指那些少年 比他们 的父母 当年要规矩得多。因此需要用代词their指代少年们的。

12. 答案focus — focuses
解析:series是单复数 同形 的名词 ,a series of表示一系列 ,虽然是复数含义 ,但需用谓语动词的单数形式与其搭配。它也可以和谓语动词的复数形式搭配 ,如There are two series of books, one for children and the other adults. 主要取决于名词是单数还是复数 。类似的名词还有总部headquarters、方法 means、种类 species、工厂works等。
13. 答案have — has
解析:当and连接的并列名词有many a做前置定语时,虽然表示很多……,谓语动词通常用单数形式。

14. 答案are — am
解析:当either...or...连接的并列结构作主语 ,谓语动词的单复数形式根据就近原则确定。类似的结构还有neither...nor..., not only... but also..., or, nor等。

15. 答案are — is
解析:本句的主语是the bund,其后跟着由inaddition to引导的名词词组,谓语动词的单复数取决于主语本身。类似用法还有as well as, as much as, rather than, no less than, with, along with, except等引导的名词或名词词组。

16. 答案have — has

17. 答案is (in) — am
解析:在It is I that / who分裂句 中,从句的谓语动词取决于I ,故用am。

18. 答案have — has
解析:限制性定语从句 的先行词one of the volleyball players 由the only做前置定语,从句中的谓语动词用单数形式。

19. 答案are — is
解析:there be引导的存在句中,be动词的单复数形式取决于第一个名词或名词词组的单复数形式,类似就近原则。

20. 答案was — were
解析:the homeless表示无家可归的人们,要使用动词的复数形式作谓语动词。类似的由定冠词和形容词组成 的词组还有the jobless, the disabled, the rich, the poor等。