1. Accompanist:n. 伴奏者,和奏者

2. Accredit:v. 1. 认为(某说法等)出自某人2. 委派

    The discovery of distillation is usually accredited to the Arabs of the 11th century.(通常认为,蒸馏法是阿拉伯人在11世纪发明的。)

    Our envoy was accredited to the new government.(我国已向该国新政府派遣了外交使节。)

3. Accrue:v. 增长,增加

    Interest accrues on a bank accout.(银行账户的利息在增长。)

4. Acquiesce:v. 默认,顺从,默许

    After a lot of persuasion, he finally acquiesced.(经过多次劝说,他最终默许了。)

    Senior government figures must have acquiesced in the cover-up.(政府高级官员必然已经默许掩盖真相。)

5. Acquittal:n. 无罪的判决

    Of the three cases that went to trial, two ended in acquittals.(所审理的三个案件中, 有两个以无罪而告终。)

6. Acrimony:n. 严厉,辛辣

    They parted without acrimony.(他们分手时没有相互反唇相讥。)

    This book review was written with acrimony.(这篇书评语调刻薄。)

7. Acumen:n. 敏锐,聪明,洞察力

    political acumen(政治才干)

    business acumen(营业本领)

8. Adamant:a. 坚定不移的,强硬的

We are adamant on the building of a well-off society.(在建设小康社会这一点上,我们是坚定不移的。)

9. Addictive:a. (使人)上瘾的,沉迷的

    The problem with video game is that they’re addictive.(电子游戏机的问题在于它们会使人上瘾。)

10. Additive:a. 粘性物质(如黏胶)