1. Cabaret:n. (餐厅、夜总会等的)歌舞表演

That nightclub has a good reputation for its cabaret.(那家夜总会的歌舞表演十分有名。)

2. Cache:n. 藏物处;(电脑)快速缓冲贮存区 v. 藏匿,贮藏,躲藏

Police discovered a cache of weapons in the room.(警方在房间里发现了一批隐藏的武器。)

3. Cackle:1. (母鸡)咯咯叫2. (刺耳的)咯咯地笑

4. Cajole:v. (以甜言蜜语)哄骗,诱骗

The little girl cajoled her father into buying her a new dress.(这小姑娘哄得她爸爸给她买了一件新衣服。)

5. Calamity:n. 灾难,极不幸的事件

If we had been careful such a calamity would not have befallen us.(假如我们谨慎的话, 这种灾难不会降临到我们的头上。)

6. Calligraphy:n. 书法(艺术)

7. Callous:a. 无同情心的,硬心肠的,冷漠的

His cruel and callous comments made me shiver.(他残酷无情的批评令我胆寒。)

He is callous about the safety of his workers.(他对他工人的安全毫不关心。)

8. Callow:a. 年幼的,未成熟的,无经验的

9. Cameo:n. 1. 刻有浮雕的宝石2. (文艺或戏剧)小品

10. Camouflage:n. 伪装,保护色,掩饰v. 用伪装遮掩(某人或某事物)

The white fur of the polar bear is a natural camouflage.(北极熊身上的白色的浓密软毛是一种天然的伪装。)

He tried to camouflage his real intentions by talking about friendship and so on.(他大谈友谊之类的话,以此来掩饰他真实的意图。)