Part 3 Reading and Writing

VI.Reading Comprehension(50)

A) Choose the best answer(12)

The greatest wonder of the natural world

When I arrived, it was early morning and it was raining. I got out of the car, went through a gate and walked along a path. In the east, the sky was becoming light, but beside the path, it was still very dark. I knew it was there, but there was nothing to see.

After about a kilometer, a strange appeared in front of me. “Am I going the right way?” I asked. He knew where I was going. “Yes,” he replied. “you’ll get there in five minutes.” Finally, I came to some rocks, and stopped. I looked carefully over them, but it was still too dark to see anything.

Suddenly, the clouds cleared and the rain stopped. The sun rose behind me and beyond the rocks. I saw that the ground fell away and down to a river, far below me. I was on the edge of the Grand Canyon(大峡谷), one of the wonders of the natural world.

I looked down to the Colorado River about 2 kilometers below me. If you put three tallest buildings in the world at the bottom of the canyon, they still won’t reach the top. Then I looked across to the other side of the canyon. How far is it? It’s 20 kilometers, maybe more. Finally, I looked to my left and to my right, and on both sides of the canyon disappeared into the distance…over 400 kilometers long. The Grand Canyon is not just big. It’s huge!

That morning on the edge of the canyon. I asked myself a question. It’s not “ How deep is it?” or “ How wide is it?” or “How long is it?” but “ Is the Grand Canyon the greatest wonder anywhere in the natural world?” I know the answer. But what do you think?

74. The passage may come from _____.

A) a guidebook   B) a grammar book   C) a dictionary   D) a diary

75. There was nothing to see because _____.

A) there was nothing     B) it was too dark

C) it was raining        D) it was in the morning

76. The winter was facing to the _____ on the edge of the Grand Canyon.

A) south        B) north            C) east         D) west

77. The writer asked himself a question about the Grand Canyon, “_____’

A) How deep is it?       B) How wide is it?

C) How long is it?       D) Is it the greatest wonder?

78. According to the passage, which sentence is not right?

A) The Grand Canyon is taller than three tallest buildings in the world

B) The Grand Canyon is much longer than 400 kilometers

C) The Colorado River was about 2 kilometers below the writer.

D) The writer thinks the Colorado River is the greatest wonder of natural world

79. The writer’s purpose in writing this passage is _____.

A) to give facts about the Grand Canyo

B) to tell how he feels about the Grand Canyon

C) to describe the Grand Canyon

D) to tell people to visit the Grand Canyon

B) Choose the words or expressions to complete the passage(12)

Recently, Twilight (《暮光之城》) star Robert Pattinson was named “2011 the world’s most popular actor” by Glamour, the fashion magazine in Britain. He has won this prize for __80__ year from 2009 to 2011.

Robert is a very familiar name for many people, especially teenagers and girls of __81__ ages. After he played the leading role of Edward Cullen in the film adaptation(改编剧本) of the Twilightnovels, he __82__ world wide fame.

Unlike many other Hollywood stars, Robert broke into the entertainment industry as a model. At the age of 12, he started his modeling career. __83__, this job did not last long because his look became too “mainly” after several years. “It’s __84__ for a model to have a neutral appearance(中性外表),” said Robert. But then some acting audition(试镜) opportunities came to him.

When he was 17 years old, Robert received a supporting role in Harry Potter and the Goblet Fire(《哈利波特与火焰杯》). And his hard work in the movie was appreciated by the people from the movie world. One year later, his hard work paid off. He got the leading role in Twilightand became popular __85__.

80. A) 2            B) 3           C) 4            D) 5

81. A) all           B) various      C) most         D) any

82. A) gained       B) lost          C) found        D) touched

83. A) in addition    B) However     C) Later on      D) Instead

84. A) easier        B) better        C) newer        D) funnier

85. A) from time to time              B) on the other hand

C) all the way                   D) throughout the world