Part 2  Vocabulary and Grammar

II.Choose the best answer (选择最恰当的答案:(共20分)

31. The double Ninth Festival reminds us to respect ____ elderly.

A) a           B) an        C) the         D) /

32. It was not a good explanation, but it satisfied Eddie ____ the time being.

A) on          B) at        C) for          D) with

33. We’ve decided to decorate our new flat by ____ this weekend.

A) us          B) our       C) ours         D) ourselves

34. There isn’t much bread here, but you can take ____ if you want to.

A) few         B) a few      C) little        D) a little

35. The country has _____ soldiers in its army.

A) million of    B) millions of    C) several million of   D) several millions

36. The children felt _____ to see so many amazing things in the ScienceMuseum.

A) surprised    B) frightened     C) upset      D) worried

37. Tea is _____ drink in the world besides water.

A) popular      B) more popular   C) most popular   D) the most popular

38. _____ cold day it is! We’d better turn on the air-conditioner.

A) What        B) What a       C) How       D) How a

39. My parents often tell me we ____ care for small creatures.

A) can         B) should       C) mustn’t      D) needn’t

40. I can’t understand the sentence ____ there are no new words in it.

A) if           B) until         C) though      D) because

41. The police asked _____ we saw anybody break into the house to steal things.

A) who        B) if           C) what         D) where

42. The twin brothers always enjoy _____ to the concert.

A) go         B) going        C) to go         D) to going

43. After we pass the exam, we ______ by having a party next week.

A) celebrated      B) celebrate     C) have celebrated     D) will celebrate

44. It’s terrible to hear that some students _____ when they took a school bus.

A) killed         B) are killed      C) were killed        D) have killed

45. The driver could not _____ his van and crashed into a lamp post.

A) connect       B) recognize      C) hang             D) control

46. — _____ do you visit your grandparents?

— Twice a month.

A) How long      B) How soon     C) How often        D) How far

47. At school they should train young children to be good citizens. The underlined part means “_____”

A) grow          B) teach         C) plant            D) require

48. As we all know the best way to learn English is to practise more. The underlined part means “_____”

A) idea          B) advice         C) thing            D) method

49. — Our class failed in the school’s football match last week.

— _____.

A) Take care!     B) What a pity!    C) Well done!       D) Congratulations!

50. — Good luck and have a nice holiday.

— _____.

A) The same to you.  B) I think so, too.  C) You are welcome.  D) That’s all right.

III.Complete the following passage with the words or phrases in the box. Each one can only be used once.(8)

A. face to face      B. dramatic      C. all week      D. both      E. scenes

F. traditional       G. characters      H. except       I. around

Good morning, everyone. Here’s my culture report for today. Monday:

A new film starts tonight at the student cinema at eight o’clock. The film is Pirates of theCaribbean. It’s a fantastic adventure film. Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom are the stars. They are ___51___ very popular and famous, and they also act well in this film, and make their __52__ believable.

The story is about an old ship. It sails __53__ the Caribbean islands. Depp and Bloom try to find some lost gold. Then thay come __54__ with some terrible men, and have to fight them. There’s lots of action, and the fighting looks really dangerous. They also save Keira Knightley. She plays Elizabeth, the daughter of a rich man. Then __55__ with Knightley and Bloom are beautiful and romantic.

The film isn’t true to life, but it’s very __56__, and some of it is very funny. It’s an enjoyable film, although in my opinion there’s too much fighting. But __57__ for that, it’s an excellent film. If you didn’t see it when it first came out. I advise you to go and see it now. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. It’s showing __58__.

51._____ 52._____ 53._____ 54._____ 55. _____ 56.____ 57. ____ 58._____

IV.Complete the sentences with the given words in their proper forms (8)

59. Life is simple. You make _____, and you don’t look back. (choice)

60. Every student in Grade _____ is studying hard to achieve more. (ninth)

61. Almost everyone agreed that the New Year party was a great _____. (succeed)

62. Yao Ming’s _____ makes him stand out in the crowd. (high)

63. All pilots are _____ for their passengers’ safety. (responsibility)

64. If you feel that it hurts you, it will _____ hurt the rest too. (probable)

65. It’s easy to _____ the words if we know how to read them correctly. (memory)

66. When people get older, their short-term memory becomes _____. (bad)

V.Rewrite the following sentences as required.(14)

67. Tim has already enjoyed the French classic musical Notre de Paris. (改为一般疑问句)

_____ Tim enjoyed the French classic musical Notre de Paris_____?

68. The cormorant’s feet are used to push it quickly through the water. (改为反意疑问句)

The cormorant’s feet are used to push it quickly through the water, _____ _____?

69. We should plant more trees to make our school beautiful. (改为被动语态)

More trees _____ _____ planted to make our school beautiful.

70. Young people can learn a lot by keeping a pet dog. (对划线部分提问)

_____ _____ young people learn a lot?

71. If you don’t know “ Stay hungry, stay foolish”, surf the internet. (保持句意基本不变)

You _____ _____ surf the internet if you don’t know “ Stay hungry, stay foolish”.

72. Billy doesn’t know what happened. Billy doesn’t care what happened. (保持句意基本不变)

Billy _____ knows _____ cares what happened.

73. Would you please tell me? How can we improve our memory? (合并成复合句)

Would you please tell me how _____ _____ improve our memory?