Part 1  Listening

I. Listening Comprehension(共30分)

A. Listen and choose the right picture(6)

1.________ 2.________3.________4.________5.________6.________

B. Listen to the dialogue and choose the best answer to the question you hear(10)

7. A. sunny         B. Rainy         C. Cloudy         D. Windy

8. A. Tommy        B. Sam          C. The father      D. The mother

9. A. A teacher      B.A worker      C.A doctor        D. A nurse

10. A. Have a picnic    B. Play tennis    C. Play table tennis  D. Have a barbecue

11. A.On the desk     B.On the floor  C. In his school bag  D. In his pocket

12. A.At 9:30         B.At 10:30      C.At 11:00         D. At 11:30

13. A. By bus         B. By taxi        C. By bike          D. By underground

14. A.In a hospital     B.In a library     C.In a bookshop     D. At an airport

15. A. She’ll lend him the calculator.     B. She’s looking for the calculator.

C. She also has to use the calculator.  D. She has found the calculator.

16. A. Helen is holding a party.         B. Helen doesn’t like the party.

C. Helen isn’t coming to the party.   D. Helen will arrive late at the party.

C.Listen to the passage and tell whether the following statements are true or false(7)

17. I’m enjoying myself in Wulingyuan Scenic and Historic Interest Area.

18. It’s a magic place and it covers and area of 319 square kilometers.

19. It’s famous for the strange shape of its tall rocks.

20. No people knew the area until Wu Guangzhong painted some beautiful pictures of it in 1979.

21. The loud noise I heard during the night was from a monkey.

22. I had a wonderful view from the top of MountTianzi.

23. My uncle told me not to touch anything here because it was dangerous.

D.Listen to the passage and fill in the blanks7分)

24. The writer wonders whether life would be _________ when our parents are away.

25. ZhengChenyu can only fill an _________ stomach with tomato and egg soup.

26. The 14-year-old girl would _________ something important.

27. She doesn’t think teenagers get _________ practice.

28. Most teenagers don’t learn any life ________ until they go to college.

29. Many teenagers _________ too much on their parents.

30. For most teenagers it wouldn’t be a _________ at all.

24. ____25. _____ 26. ______ 27.______ 28.______29.______30.______