Part 1  Listening

I. Listening Comprehension(共30分)

A. Listen and choose the right picture(6)

1. ______   2. ______      3. ______      4. ______      5. ______      6. ______

B. Listen to the dialogue and choose the best answer to the question you hear(10)

7.A) Cloudy               B) Windy              C) Rainy          D) Sunny 

8. A) By bus              B) On foot            C) By car        D) By bike 

9.A) Jerry                  B) Peggy              C) John           D) Alice 

10.A) 5:00                 B) 5:10.               C)7:00            D) 7:15

11.A) At a hospital                       B) At a barbecue

C) At a food store                       D) At home

12. A) Going for a walk                 B) Going to the library

C) Reading some books               D) Playing in the park

13.A) 1,000 yuan    B) 2,000yuan       C) 3,000 yuan    D) 4,000yuan

14. A) Her sister’s                      B) Her brother's.

C) Her parents’                           D) The woman's.

15. A) Husband and wife.             B) Taxi driver and passenger.

C) Customer and waitress.            D) Teacher and student.

16. A) The woman can get the CD this weekend. 

B) The woman enjoys the songs on the CD.

C) The woman bought a CD two days ago.  

D) The woman can have the CD for a month.

C.Listen to the passage and tell whether the following statements are true or false(7)

17.Melissa keeps a pet and his name is Eric.

18. Eric has been with Melissa for more than six years.

19. Eric is a strange dog because he is able to talk like a human.

20. Every week Melissa buys lots of mice for Eric.

21. Melissa bought Eric a house because he did not always like to be with others.

22.Eric is too small to drink milk or eat fish.

23. Eric was angry because Melissa loved him the Wrong way.

D.Listen to the passage and fill in the blanks7分)

24. Bob Bradley flew in a hot air balloon aloneforthe first time on_______ 4th. 2011.

25..The flight made Bob the _______ air balloon pilot in the world.

26..Bob took off in the morning from an____ field in his hometown

27.Bob's family and friends gathered to ________him and see the historic event.      

28.Bob landed the balloon on a dirty________successfully according to plan,

29.Bob is an experienced hot air balloon pilot because he started at the age of _______

30. Hot air ballooning runs in Bob's family, so his achievement is not _________