Part 3 Reading and Writing

VI.Reading Comprehension(50)

A) Choose the best answer(12)

It's the end of class. When the bell rings, students of Luohu Foreign Languages School in Shenzhen quickly take out their cell phones. They want to log on to their micro blogs to check the interesting things that have happened in the last hour.

Since last year, thetrend (潮流) of micro blogging has swept the country. Recent surveys shows that most students in middle schools have a micro blog and some even update their blogs over five times per day.

"We learn many fresh and interesting things on micro blogs and they have become popular topics in class," said Andy Liang, 14. "If you do not know about them, you are out of the loop."

It is also a great place for students to let out stress. "My parents always ask me to study hard, and encourage me before exams, but it really adds pressure," said Simon Zhang, 15. "When I share these feelings on my micro blog, I get many replies from friends in the same situation, which makes me feel better."

But parents are worried that micro blogging could be a waste of time. Some misleading messages may even cause danger to kids, they said.

Mr. Shen, a professor at the China Education Association, suggests parents not worry too much as long as kids are not crazy about micro blogging. Maybe it can become a window for parents to understand their children.

"If parents can read their children's micro blogs, they'll know their thoughts, thus leading to better communication and solutions to problems," he said. He also gives some tips for kids.

-Don't micro blog for more than one hour a day.

-Never micro blog in class.

-Try to talk face to face with people from time to time.

-Be critical(批判性的). Don't trust all the messages on a micro blog.

74. Students log on to their micro blogs to           .

A) check the things        B) write articles     C) listen to music   D) call their parents

75. The underlined part "out of the loop" in the passage probably means "          ".

A) not popular                     B) not excited        C) unhealthy          D) unlucky

76. Andy Liang thinks students are out of the loop if they don't know           .

A) the latest fills                                       B) the famous pop song singers

C) the popular topics in class                      D) many flesh things on TV

77. Micro blog made Simon      when he shared his feelings and got replies on his micro biog.

A) feel sad                    B) let out stress      C) add pressure      D) make friends

78. We can know from Mr. Shen that micro blogging can           .

A) make kids crazy while logging on to it           B) bring a lot of misleading messages

C) become a window to understand young kids    D) lead to worse communication

79. Which statement is TRUE according to the passage?

A) It's good for kids to micro blog for more than one hour a day.

B) Kids should trust all the messages on a micro blog because they are useful.

C) The trend of micro blogging has swept the country since five years ago.

D) Kids should try to talk face to face with people, not just micro blogging.

B) Choose the words or expressions to complete the passage(12)

When I was a boy of twelve in South Carolina, something happened to me that made me never put any wild creature in a cage.

We lived on the edge of a forest, and every evening the mockingbirds would come and rest in the trees and ___80___. There isn't a musical instrument made by man that can produce a more beautiful sound than the song of the mockingbird.

I decided to catch a young bird and keep it in a cage, and in this way, I would have my own

private musician.

I finally succeeded in catching one and put it in a cage. At first, being ___81___, the bird fluttered (扑腾) about the cage, but finally it settled down in its new home. I felt very pleased with myself and ___82___ some beautiful singing from my little musician.

On the second day, the little bird's mother flew to the cage with food in her mouth. The baby bird ate ___83___ she brought to it. I was pleased to see this. Certainly the mother bird knew how to feed her baby than I did.

The following morning when I went to see my bird, I discovered it on the floor of the cage, dead. I was terribly surprised! ___84___ had happened!

Arthur Wayne, the famous ornithologist (鸟类专家), who happened to be visiting my father at the time, hearing me crying over the death of my bird, explained to me. "A mother mockingbird, finding her young in a cage, will sometimes bring it poison berries (毒莓). She thinks it better for

her baby to die than to lose ___85___.

Since then I have never caught any living creature and put it in a cage. All living things have a right to live free.

80. A) dance                        B) fly                           C) sing                         D) jump

81. A) happy                        B) excited                     C) bored                       D) frightened

82. A) looked forward to              B) looked out of            C) looked for                D) looked up

83. A) somebody                  B) everything                C) nothing                    D) none

84. A) How                         B) What                       C) When                      D) Which

85. A) friends                      B) parents                     C) freedom                   D) happiness