Part 1  Listening

I. Listening Comprehension(共30分)

A. Listen and choose the right picture(6)

1. ______   2. ______      3. ______      4. ______      5. ______      6. ______

B. Listen to the dialogue and choose the best answer to the question you hear(10)

7.    A) In September.           B) In November.           C) In summer.               D) At Chrismas.

8.    A) 3:10.                       B) 3:15.                       C) 3:45.                       D) 3:50.

9.    A) Quiet.                      B) Noisy.                      C) Nice.                       D) Big.

10. A) To read a book.        B) To watch a film.              C) To write a report.      D) To play games.

11. A) A fireman.               B) A writer.                  C) A driver.                  D) A detective.

12. A) By underground.      B) By bus.                    C) By taxi.                   D) On foot.

13. A) The black one.          B) The brown one.        C) The cheaper one.  D) The smaller one.

14. A) At school.                B) In a supermarket.      C) In a library.                     D) In a factory.

15. A) Since four years ago.                                          B) About five years.

C) For six years.                                              D) About seven years.

16. A) Because he forgot the time.                           B) Because he got up late.

C) Because it was raining.                                 D) Because the bus broke down.

C.Listen to the passage and tell whether the following statements are true or false(7)

17.  Life is full of fun or "teenagers" now.

18.  Teenagers used to wear school uniforms in coffee bars.

19.  Life was easier for young people in the past.

20.  Teachers used to work harder than their students now.

21.  Students are too busy with studying to do what they are interested in.

22.  Few young people worry more about money like their parents.

23.  Most young people would like to get their own homes in the future.

D.Listen to the passage and fill in the blanks7分)

24 Jim is calling Sarah to talk about some _______.

25. Sarah would like to see Kongfu Panda II with Jim at 6:30 p.m. on _______.

26. Sarah also wants to see High School Musical at ________ p.m. on Tuesday.

27. Jim’s sister said that High School Musical was ________ boring.

28. Sarah can't see Mr. Beans with Jim because she's going to have a ________ for her mother.

29. People say Teen Detectives is really ________ and the newspaper reported it was good.

30. Sarah will go to see Teen Detectives with Jim if her father agrees to _______ her up.