Part 1  Listening

I. Listening Comprehension(共30分)

A. Listen and choose the right picture(6)

1. ___   2. ___   3. ___   4. ___   5. ___   6. ___

B. Listen to the dialogue and choose the best answer to the question you hear(10)

7. A) Magazines                                           B) Children’s stories

C) Newspapers                                            D) Picture books

8. A) By car        B) By bus       C) By bike         D) Bu underground

9. A) Cloudy       B) Sunny        C) Rainy           D) Windy

10. A) 3:20         B) 4:20          C) 5:20             D) 7:20

11. A) The plot     B) The museum         C) The dialogue          D) The beginning

12. A) Customer and waiter                              B) Father and daughter

C) Teacher and student                                    D) Brother and sister

13.  A) American   B) Chinese               C) Japanese         D) Australian

14. A) Because he forgot the time        B) Because the traffic was very heavy

C) Because he started late                   D) Because he lost his ticket

15. A) They are having a lesson.           B) They are watching a crosstalk.

C) They are spending the weekend.         D) They are making a phone call.

16. A) They should start the meeting right now.

B) They should wait for John for a while.

C) They should start here at night. 

D) They should call John at once.

C.Listen to the passage and tell whether the following statements are true or false(7)

17. There was something wrong with Steve's bike one day.

18. Steve asked the woman for help as she happens to pass by.

19. The woman didn't help Steve to fix the bike that day.

20. A strong wind lifted the woman's hat in a tall tree several months later. 

21. The woman couldn't get her hat with a stick and she was worried. 

22. Steve climbed up to the hat with a ladder and dropped it to the woman.

23. In the end the woman knew what she had said to Steve before was wrong.

D.Listen to the passage and fill in the blanks7分)

24.The recycling programme includes searching, collecting and ________ .

25.As most people don't separate(分开)rubbish, recycling programme usually ___________

26. There will be different colored rubbish bins instead of the usual _________ones.

27. Pink bins are foe paper, blue bins are for ________, and white bins are for the other waste.

28. Rubbish needs to be taken to the recycling________ after it is collected and sorted.

29.A volunteer will work for no more than__________hours every week.

30.All recycling volunteers will meet on________  18 after school.