Part 1  Listening

I. Listening Comprehension(共30分)

A. Listen and choose the right picture(6)

1. ___   2. ___   3. ___   4. ___   5. ___   6. ___

B. Listen to the dialogue and choose the best answer to the question you hear(10)

7. A) The picnic.                                           B) The holiday plan.

C) The weather today.                                  D)The weather tomorrow.

8. A) Every day        B) Twice a day.       C) Once a week.         D) Twice a week.

9. A) She stayed at home.                            B) She went shopping.

C) She went fishing.                                     D) She watched a match.

10. A) No, she won’t                                     B) Yes, she will.

C) I don't know.                                            D) She will go over his lessons.

11. A)100yuan.         B) 120 yuan.         C) 140 yuan.          D) 160 yuan.

12. A) Forty-five minutes.                               B) Fifteen minutes.

C) Five minutes.                                             D) Fifty minutes.

13. A) Because his car is broken.             B)    Because of the weather and the traffic.

C)    Because he sleeps late at night.        D)   Because he gets up too late.

14. A) By train.        B) By plane.          C) On foot.               D)By bus

15. A) At 9:50.        B) At 10:00.          C) At 10: 10.            D) At 10:30.

16. A) She is a nurse.                             B) She is a dentist

C) She is a bank clerk.                            D) She is a businesswoman.

C.Listen to the passage and tell whether the following statements are true or false(7)

17. Everyone in the world enjoys sports.

18. Sports help people to keep healthy and live happily.

19. People have different sports in different seasons.

20. Sports don't change with the season.

21. The Arabs don't like horses or camels.

22. The Arabs use horses and camels not only in their work but also in their sports.

23. People from different countries can be good friends after a game.

D.Listen to the passage and fill in the blanks7分)

24.   Here are some________ on how to help people when a fire happens.

25.   If there is a fire, everyone should ___________the escape plan to get out. 

26.   People do fire practice because they need to teach their children about fire_________.

27.   Don't open a hot door! The fire can grow more________if you open the door.

28.   Stay close to the floor! Smoke can be more ________ than fire.

29.Stop, drop, roll are the right steps you should take when your hair or__________catch fire.

30.There are quite a few possible causes for fires. A wise family is always________  for a fire.