Part 1  Listening

I. Listen and choose the right picture:(6分)

1._____  2._____   3._____  4.______  5._____  6. ______     

II. Listen to the dialogue and choose the best answer to the question you hear(10分)

7. A) Red.                B) Green.          C) Blue.             D) Red and green.

8. A) Geography.      B) Chinese.       C) English.          D) Physics.

9. A) At a quarter past six.           B) At six o'clock.

C) At a quarter to six.              D) At half past six.

10. A) 10.               B)13.                C)20.                  D)30.

11. A) Susan.          B)Jack.              C) Jimmy.            D)John. 

12. A) 3:00.            B)3:15.             C) 3:30.              D) 3:45.

13. A) English.         B) French.         C) German.          D) Japanese. 

14. A) Have a walk.                      B) Take an underground.

C) See a film.                         D) Mail a letter.

15. A) England.        B) Australia.     C) Japan.              D) Hong Kong.

16. A) He's as old as Jim.              B) He's younger than Mike.

C) He's as old as Mike.             D) He's older than Jim.

III. Listen to the passage and tell whether the following statements are true or false(7分)

17. In London, Paris, New York and Tokyo there are too many cars in the street.

18. Tokyo's nightclubs are seldom empty at night.

19. It is rather difficult for people to walk in the Tokyo street at 11:30 at noon.  

20. Most people in Tokyo go to work by train during the day

21. Six million train tickets are sold every day in Tokyo.

22. You may see everybody reading a newspaper in Tokyo trains.

23. Japanese trains don't often leave and arrive on time.

IV. Listen to the passage and fill in the blanks(7分)

24. Steven Jobs often got into_______ with either his classmates or his teachers.

25. But he was full of new ideas, which few people could see the value_______.

26. Steven Jobs worked_______ as a video game designer at Atari.

27. He_______ that the trip would give him more ideas and a change in life for the better. 

28. After he had returned from India, he began to live on a_______ in California.

29. In 1975, Steven Jobs began_______ a new type of computer.

30. His Apple computer became such a great_______ that Steven Jobs became famous.