英 语





【2011四川绵阳】1. The young man plays      violin very well, but he plays      basketball badly.

A. the; the     B. a; a    C. a; the     D. the;不填


【解析】考查冠词的用法。与球类有关的不加the,如:play football;与乐器有关的一律加the。本句是“这位年轻人弹钢琴弹得不错,但他打篮球打得不好。”,故选D。

【2011四川绵阳】2.         is a good idea to bring your camera because you may want to take photos of the autumn leaves.

A. This    B. It     C. That     D. What



【2011四川绵阳】3. If you don’t work hard for most of the year and then work hard for only a few days before the exam, you will probably            .

A. succeed    B. finish    C. fail    D. pass



【2011四川绵阳】4.----            does the baby mouse weigh?

----About 20grams.

A. How much    B. How many   C. How     D. What


【解析】疑问 词的用法。How much提问不可数名词的数量即后跟不可数名词,还可提问“价格”;how many提问可数名词的数量即后跟可数名词复数;how 意思是“怎样”;what意思是“什么”。根据答句“about 20 grams”意思是"大约20克",“grams”是可数名词复数可推断提问多少克,故选B。

【2011四川绵阳】5. Bonnie looks very smart and is always           pink because pink is her favorite color.

A. with    B. on    C. about    D. in



【2011四川绵阳】6. ----May I use your bicycle, Debby?

----          .

A. Yes, please.    B. I’m afraid not     C. Sure    D. No, thanks


【解析】口语交际。根据答句“It's broken.它坏了”可推断对方不能用自己的自行车了,故选B。

【2011四川绵阳】7. This girl is ready to help people any time. When she is on the bus, she always             her seat to someone in need.

A. gives    B. give    C. gave    D. giving



【2011四川绵阳】8. Mum, this t-shirt is too small. Would you buy me a             one?

A. nice    B. large    C. nicer    D. larger



【2011四川绵阳】9. In Japan, people sometimes give special gifts. But they are not open. Later, people may              the same gifts to someone else.

A. give up    B. give in    C. give away    D. give back21世纪教育网21世纪教育网


【解析】词义辨析。give up 意思是“放弃”;give in 意思是“屈服”;give away意思是“赠送或分发”;  give back意思是“归还;送回”,根据句意可推断人们再把收到的礼物赠送给别人,故选C。

【2011四川绵阳】10. Making friends is not easy. Sometimes it can take years          you become true friends with someone.

A. before    B. after    C. because    D. Unless


【解析】考查连词的用法。依据第一句“making friends is not easy. 交朋友不容易。”及空格前后句意可推断出“在成为真正的朋友之前会花费好几年。”,故选A。

【2011四川绵阳】11. The girl             with her grandparents for the moment because her parents are both very busy this month.

A. lived    B. is living    C. live    D. was living


【解析】考查动词的用法。依据从句“because her parents are both very busy this month”的时态为一般现在时可推断主句的时态也应是一般现在的时态,故保留B(现在进行时)和C(一般现在时)项;“the girl”是第三人称单数,所以谓语动词也应是第三人称单数,故C项不正确,故选B。

【2011四川绵阳】12. ----Dad, the bread is not enough. I am still hungry.            I have something more?

----But there’s nothing in the fridge now.

A. Must    B. Need    C. Will    D. Can


【解析】考查情态动词的用法。must意思是“一定,必须”;need意为“需要”;will意思是“将要”;can意思是“可能,可以”。根据句子“I am still hungry. 我仍旧很俄。”可推断“我可以再吃点东西吗”,故选D。

【2011四川绵阳】13. ---- Do you know          England?

----I’ve heard that he wants to go there for further study.

A. why he will go to    B. why will he go to

C. he why will go to    D. he will why go to



【2011四川绵阳】14. The girl             catches th e flowers on a wedding will be the next to get married.

A. whom    B. which    C. who   D. whose


【解析】考查定语从句的用法。Whom指人,作从句的宾语;which指物,作从句的主语或宾语;who指人,作从句的主语或宾语;whose即指人也指物,作从句的定语,后跟名词。根据动词“catches”可推断关系词作从句的主语,而“the girl”指人,故选C。

【2011四川绵阳】15. ---- Drunken drive is dangerous, isn’t it?

--- Yeah. That why drunken drivers          to prison even without causing accidents.

A. sent    B. are sent    C. send    D. are sending



【2011四川绵阳】16. The number of books in the bookshop is about 10,000 and a number of them              about science.

A. is    B. was    C. are    D. Were


【解析】考查动词的用法。依据第一句中的谓语动词“is(一般现在时)”可推断出第二句的时态也应是一般现在时,故保留A和C项;由短语“a number of...”的谓语动词是复数,故选C。

【2011四川绵阳】17. My classmate lent me a(an)               so that I wouldn’t get wet in the rain.

A. candle    B. umbrella    C. scarf   D. Wallet




【2011四川绵阳】18. our English teacher encourages us          part in all kinds of after-class activities.

A. to take    B. take    C. taking    D. to taking


【解析】非谓语动词。encourage sb to do sth 是固定短语,故选A。

【2011四川绵阳】19. ---- Would you like to see the movies with me tonight? It’s said to be a science fiction film.

---               .

A. Thank you very much   B. Yes, I’d love to.

C. No, I don’t think so     D. You’re welcome


【解析】口语交际。Would you like to do sth?句型的肯定回答是“Yes, I'd love/like to.”;否定回答是“I'd love/like to, but +理由的句子”,故选B。

【2011四川绵阳】20.----You’re coughing badly. Have you gone to see a doctor?

---No, but I               .

A. am going to    B. will not    C. am not going to   D. haven’t


【解析】口语交际。根据前面的介绍“你咳嗽的厉害。你去看过医生了吗?”及答句里的“No, but...”可推断“准备去”,故选A。