The English language has now become an international language because it is widely used by most countries in the world, ____you want to do business with foreigners, you have to learn English, for most of them speak and write English.
A.As    B.If      C.So      D.Since

Western country music describes life. It talks about love, jobs, home and money. It talks about friends and enemies, farms and crops. People in many parts of the world like western country music ___b____ everyone knows something about these ideas.

Sadly, it is very difficult for pandas to live in the world. Here are some of the_______ that pandas may have in the future. If hunters catch a panda, they will kill it for its fur. If farmers cut down trees and forests, pandas will have no place to live in.
A. examples       B. questions         C. matters         D. problems
【解析】根据下文people will kill pandas和pandas will have no place to live in可以判断,这都是说明熊猫在将来可能面临的问题。B选项questions只是表达一般的问题。D项最为恰当。

A month later, Mary hadn't heard from Peter or received any money, __s_____ she phoned him.
【解析】根据上文Mary hadn't heard from Peter和下文she phoned him可以判断两句之间存在着因果关系。因此填so。


The earth is our home. We must take care of it. Life today is easier than it was________ years ago, but it has brought some new problems.
A. hundred B. hundreds of C. hundred of D. hundreds
【解析】答案为B。此句主要考查数词的用法。表示具体几百时,应是some hundred;表示成百上千时,则是hundreds of。

Every day, standing at my information desk, I have to answer a lot of questions of the travelers coming from all ___o__ the world.
【解析】答案为over。all over the world是一个最为常见的固定搭配。

Grandma Yang lives alone in our neighborhood. Her husband has been dead for eight years. Her only son lives and works in Britain. He asked her mother to go to Britain so that he can look ________her. But Grandma Yang won't go.
A. for B. around C. after D. care
【解析】look for意为寻找;look around意为向四周看;look after意为照顾。根据上文He asked her mother to go to Britain这一提示我们可以知道儿子为了是照顾妈妈,所以选C。

April Fools' Day is on April l. People can play ___j____ on others on this special day. If you succeed, you usually laugh and say, “April Fool!”
【解析】根据文章意思,在4月1日愚人节这天,人们经常相互开玩笑。从语法角度看,play jokes on sb.是固定词组。所以答案是jokes。

Around the world, people have different ideas about what good manners are.
When you go to restaurants in different parts of the world, it's important to know the right and wrong things to do. For example, in China it's OK to ____1____ a lot of noise in a restaurant. In fact, if a restaurant isn't noisy and ____2____ ,you may think there's something wrong with it. However, in many western countries, restaurants are quiet places. If a table is too loud, other people who are eating there might even ____3____ to the owner of the restaurant.
Paving the bill is also different from country to country. In China, one person usually pays for ____4____ .In western countries, one person pays if he or she is entertaining clients(宴请宾客), but ____5____ friends eat together, they usually share the cost. This is called “going Dutch”(均摊费用).Also, when westerners pay the bill, they usually leave some money for the waiter. This is called “leaving a tip”. Leaving a tip is thought to be polite. In the US, it's ____6____ to leave tips of 10%, 15%, or 20% of the bill, which is decided by how good the service is, Good waiters can make a lot of money!
The way people eat food is different in the world, but you can ____7_____ the same kinds of food in many countries. Chinese and Italian food, for example, is popular all over the world.
1. A. cause B. keep C. hear D. make
2. A. lively B. friendly C. lucky D. polite
3. A. shout B. explain C. complain D. peak
4. A. everybody B. nobody C. somebody D. none
5. A. until B. when C. unless D. since
6. A. terrible B. common C. serious D. unusual
7. A. invent B. discover C. prefer D. find
【解析】第一格选D,在不同国家有不同风俗习惯,根据我国特有的风俗习惯在餐厅都是吵吵闹闹的。make a noise是固定搭配。
第三格选C,根据上文论据in many western countries, restaurant are quiet places.和下文论点If a table is too loud(如果餐厅吵闹),可以推断出客人甚至可以向店主投诉。

People often think Dimetrodon is a dinosaur(恐龙),but it was in fact _n_(1)_____ a dinosaur at all. It was one of the reptiles(爬虫动物)on Earth during the _l_(2)_____ Permian(二叠纪)period.
It was a large reptile. It lived in swampy(沼泽的) areas and had a very funny _ f_(3)_____ ---a large sail(脊鳍)on its back. Dimetrodon was a (4) to warm up in the morning and cool off _q_(5)____ ——during the day with the help of its sail.
It's easy to distinguish(区分)a Dimetrodon _ f_(6)______ a dinosaur. Dimetrodon's legs were on the side of its body while dinosaurs had their legs under their bodies.
It probably ran very fast _a_(7)____ it was very heavy.
第四、第五格分别填able和quickly。表达这种动物的脊鳍的作用:可以早上暖和,白天又很快地冷却。Be able to是固定搭配。
第七格填although。上句It probably ran very fast和下句it was very heavy.推断两句为转折承让关系。因此填although。