1. The film pought the hours back to me _________ I was taken good care of in that faraway village.
  A.until  B.that  C.when  D.where
  解析:答案为C。本题考查分隔定语从句的关系词的选择。作好本题的关键是要能辨认出该定语从句的先行词the hours和关系词被介词短语to me所分隔。定语从句的先行词是表时间的名词hours, 并且关系词在从句中用作状语,故应选择表示时间的关系副词when。
2. ___________ is known to everybody, the noon travels around the earth once every month.
  A.It  B.As  C.That  D.What
  解析:答案为B。本题考查as引导的非限制定语从句。as作“正如……”解释,引导的非限制性定语从句来修饰整个句子。当as在从句中作主语时,常用于下列短语:as is known、as is said、as is reported、as is announced等。要注意掌握作关系代词引导定语从句的用法。