the english author, richard savage, was once living inlondon in great poverty. in order to earn a little money he hadwritten the story of his life, but not many copies of the bookhad been sold in the shops, and savage was living from hand tomouth. as a result of his lack of food he became very ill, but after a time, owing to the skill of the doctor who had lookedafter him, he got well again.

after a week or two the doctorsent a bill to savage for his visits, but poor savage hadn't anymoney and couldn't pay it. the doctor waited for another month and sent the bill again. but still no money came. afterseveral weeks he sent it to him again asking for his money. inthe end he came to savage's house and asked him for payment, saying to savage, “you know you owe your life to me and iexpected some gratitude from you.” 

“i agree,” said savage, “that i owe my life to you, and toprove to you that i am not ungrateful for your work i will givemy life to you.”

with these words he handed to him two volumes entitled,the life of richard savage.