Gravely ill, a man went to the doctor with his wife. After the examination the physician motioned for the wife to meet him in the hallway.

"Your husband is very sick, " the doctor said, "but there are three things you can do to ensure his survival. First, fix him three healthful, delicious meals a day. Next, give him a stress-free environment , and don't complain about anything. Finally, make passionate love to him every day.

On the drive home the husband asked, "What did the doctor say?"

"I'm sorry, " she said, "but you're not going to make it.


 (1) gravely adv.特别严重地

(2) physician n.医生

(3) motion v.以动作或手示意

(4) ensure v.保证

(5) survival n.生存

(6) stress-free adj.没有压力的