Returning from a golf outing, my husband was greeted at the door by Sara, our four-year-old daughter. 丈夫打完高尔夫球回来,我们四岁的女儿莎拉在门口迎了上去。

Daddy, who won the golf game? You or Uncle Richie?爸爸,谁赢了高尔夫球比赛,是你还是理查叔叔?

Uncle Richie and I don't play golf to win, my husband hedged. We just play to have fun.我和理查叔叔打高尔夫球不是为赢,丈夫推诿说。我们打球只是为了好玩而已。

Undaunted, Sare said, Okay, Daddy, who had more fun?莎拉毫不气馁,又问:那么,爸爸,谁觉得更好玩呢?