A fat man and a skinny man were arguing about who was the more polite. 一个胖子和一个瘦子在争论谁更有礼貌。

The skinny man said he was more polite because he always tipped his hat to ladies. 瘦子说他更有礼貌,因为他经常对女士摘帽示意。

But the fat man knew he was more courteous because, whenever he got up and offered his seat, two ladies could sit down.但是胖子认为他更有风度,因为无论什么时候他在车上给别人让座时,总有两位女士能坐下。


fat 肥胖
polite 有礼貌的,客气的
arguing 争吵 (argue的现在分词)
skinny 瘦的
courteous 有礼貌的,谦恭的
sit down 就座 (Sit down politely.有礼貌地坐下)