The fine-furniture store where I work has been in business since the 1920s. Recently I received a call from a woman who wanted to replace some chairs from a dining set purchased from us in the 1930s. I assured her we could help and sought the assistance of the office manager. "You'll never believe this one, " I told him." I just got a call from a customer who bought some chairs from us in the 1930s. " Before I could finish repeating her request, he interrupted and said, "Don't tell me she hasn't received them yet!"
我所工作的精品家具商店是从20世纪二十年代以来就营业的。最近我接到一个妇女的电话。她想换一套餐具中的一些椅子。这套餐具她是在三十年代从我们这儿买的。我向她保证说我们可以帮她的忙,于是我向部门经理寻求帮助。“你永远也不会相信,”我对他说,“我刚接到一个顾客的电话,她在三十年代从我们这里买了一些椅子。” 我还没来得及说她的要求,经理就打断了我的话:“你别告诉我她到现在还没收到货!”

purchased v. purchase的过去式及过去分词形式;购买
assistance n. 帮助 
told v. tell的过去式和过去分词形式;告诉
customer 顾客、家伙
 interrupted v. interrupt的过去式和过去分词;打断