It's His FaultBilly and Bobby were small boys.They were brothers,and they often had fights with each other. Last Saturday their mother said to them,“I'm going to cook our lunch now.Go out and play in the garden—and be good.” “Yes,Mummy,” the two boys answered,and they went out. They played in the garden for half an hour,and then Billy ran into the kitchen.“Mummy,” he said,“Bobby's broken a window in Mrs.Allen's house.” Mrs.Allen was one of their neighbors. “He's a bad boy,”his mother said.“How did he break it?” “I threw a stone at him,” Billy answered,“and he quickly moved down.”

比利和波比都是小男孩。他们是兄弟,两人经常打架。 上个星期六,他们的妈妈对他们说:“我现在要做午饭了。去,到花园去玩吧,别淘气。” “是,妈妈,”两个男孩回答,然后他们就出去了。他们在花园里玩了半个小时,然后比利跑进了厨房。“妈妈,”他说:“波比打碎了艾伦太太家的窗玻璃。”艾伦太太是他们的邻居。 “他是个坏孩子,”他的妈妈说。“他是怎么把玻璃打碎的?” “我朝他扔了一块石子,”比利回答:“他赶紧蹲下。”