The Effectiveness of Advertisement


Some businessmen were talking about advertising on TV excitedly. As none of them had ever done it before, every one had his point of view.


At this moment, Mr. Grey came by. Grey was a car dealer and he had once made an advertisement.


"What are you talking about?" Mr. Grey asked.


"Does advertisement work or not?" one of the businessmen asked.


"Oh, yes, it works very fast," Mr. Grey said. " I once advertised for my watch-dog and offered a reward of $100."


"Did you get the dog back?"


"No, but that very night three of my cars were stolen."



笑话中出现了come by这个词组,我们来学习一下它的两种意思:

1. pay a visit 来访,拜访

例:I'll come by after work and see if you need any help. 我下班后会再来拜访,看看你有什么需要帮忙的地方。

2. acquire 获得,得到

例:A good assistant is hard to come by. 要得到一个好助手很困难。

Comment: 保安没招来,倒把贼招来了!所以说有钱这件事还是不要“广而告之”为好……