To be on the Safe Side


In a cinema during a performance one of the audience gets up, makes his way along the row of seats and goes out into the foyer.


A few minutes later he returns and asks the man sitting at the head of the row:


"Excuse me, was it your foot I stepped on when I was going out a moment ago?"


"Yes, but it doesn't really matter. It didn't hurt at all."


"Oh, no, it isn't that. I only want to make sure that this is my row."



1. to be on the safe side 为了安全起见
例:Just to be on the safe side, we have to leave ASAP. 为了慎重起见,我们必须尽快地离开这里。
* ASAP 是 as soon as possible 的缩写,这个很常用,大家要记住哦~

2. make one's way 向……进发,朝……走去
例:I made my way towards the harbor. 我朝港口的方向走。

3. at the head of... 在……的最前面;相反,“在……的结尾,末端”就是 at the end of...

4. step on one's foot 踩到某人的脚
如果你不慎踩到了别人的脚,别忘了好好道歉哦:Sorry, I didn't mean to step on your foot. 对不起,我不是故意踩你的。

COMMENT: 不要在脑残面前自作多情!