An ant is walking by the river. He looks at the river and says to himself, “How nice and cool this water looks! I must drink some of it.” But when he is drinking, he slips into the river.

“Oh.Help!Help!” The ant cries,
A dove is sitting in the tree. She hears him and throws him a leaf, “Climb up that leaf,” she says “and you will float bank.”

The ant climbs uo onto the leaf, and the wind blows the leaf to the bank. And the ant is saved.

“Thank you, Dove. You’re so kind,” The ant says and runs home, “You have saved my life, and I wish I could do something for you, Goodbye!”
“Goodbye!” says the dove, “Be careful. Not to fall into the river again.”
After a few days, the dove is building her nest. And a man is raising his gun to shoot her.

The ant sees this, and runs quickly to bite the man’s leg. “Ouch! Ouch!” The man feels pained and drops his gun. The dove hears and flies away. So the man picks up his gun and leave.

The dove comes to her nest. “Thank you, my little friend,” she says, “You have saved my life.”

The little ant is so glad, because he can help the dove.