Long ago there was a chess master named Qiu whose chess skills were superlative.
Qiu had two students who studied chess with him, one student studied with concentrated focus and energy. The other, however, wasn’t like that, he thought studying chess was very easy, and there was no need to take it seriously. When the teacher was explaining, although the [the student] sat there, his eyes seemed to be on the chess pieces, he was actually thinking: “If I go to the countryside right now and shoot a goose, I’ll have a lovely dinner.” Because he was always indulging in flights of fancy and absent-mindedness, nothing the teacher said ever sunk in.
As a result, although the two students studied were taught at the same time by the same master, one improved quickly and became a superior chess player, while the other never learned much at all.

秋有两个学生,一起跟他学习下棋,其中一个学生非常专心集中精力跟老师学习。另一个却不这样,他认为学下棋很容易,用不着认真。老师讲解的时候,他虽然坐在那里,眼睛也好像在看着棋子可心里却想着:“要是现在到野外射下一只鸿雁,美餐一顿该多好。 ”因为他总是胡思乱想心不在焉,老师的讲解一点也没听进去。