Long ago, among the Uighur people there were two lazybones, one called Hashandaiwulaike, the other called Shawutikabake. They were both extremely lazy, depending on their parents for food and clothing, unwilling to do even a little work, from morning to night they sat at the base of a wall and sunned themselves. As time passed this way, their parents [began to] loathe them, and had no choice but to kick them out. The two of them lived a drifter’s life, and went hungry for days at a time, with not even a piece of bread to eat.
One day, they were squatting next to a bread pit discussing what to do. Hashandaiwulaike said: “The best thing would be to go to a place where there’s food and clothes, but you don’t have to work – I don’t know if there is such a place?”
Shawutikabake said: “There’s no such place on this earth, only in heaven! I heard that the immortals in heaven are the happiest.”
Hashandaiwulaike said: “In that case, we should go to heaven. Why on earth would we stay in this place where we have to work and suffer other people’s disdain?”
Shawutikabake said: “That’s all very well and good, but how will we get up there? Can we find a ladder that long?”
Hashandaiwulaike said: “We could never find a ladder that long, but you can still get up there without a ladder.”
Shawutikabake said: “How?”
Hashandaiwulaike said: “In the valley there’s a Roc bird, when I was little I saw it when I went up there with my father. All we have to do is grab onto the Roc, and he will take us up to heaven.”
Shawutikabake said: “That’s a great idea, we’ll do it that way.”
So the two friends decided thus. On the morning of the next day, they got us and walked to the mountain. When they got to the mountain valley, they found the Roc’s nest, and they hid themselves next to it. They waited until the sun fell behind the mountain and the Roc flew back and had just landed in its nest, when Hashandaiwulaike grabbed it and held it tightly. He promptly called to Shawutikabake to grab his feet, and the Roc was frightened and flew into the sky.
So Shawutikabake was holding on to Hashandaiwulaike’s feet, and Hashandaiwulaike was holding on to the Roc’s claws, and they floated towards the seventh level of clouds [heaven].
Shawutikabake asked,” Hey! Are we there yet? I can’t hold on much longer!”
Hashandaiwulaike looked into a gap between the clouds and said, “Almost! I can already see the opening!”
Shawutikabake asked, “How big is the opening? Can we fit into it?”
Hashandaiwulaike answered, “It’s this big.” As Hashandaiwulaike answered, he used his hands to demonstrate how big the opening [to heaven] was.
But to his surprise, as soon as Hashandaiwulaike let go, the two lazy friends parted ways with the Roc, tumbled down, and were smashed into mincemeat.

从前,维吾尔族有这么两个懒汉,一个叫哈山代吾来克,一个叫沙吾提卡巴克。他们都懒得要命,吃穿全靠父母,一点活儿也不干,一天到晚靠着墙根晒太阳。 这样,久而久之,弄得他们父母也讨厌他们了,不得不把他们从家里赶了出来。他们俩过着流浪的生活,饿了几天肚子,一块馕也没有吃到。
这天,他俩蹲在馕坑上商量着今后该怎么办。哈山代吾来克说: “最好到一个有吃有穿,又不需要劳动的地方去,不知道有没有这么个地方?”
沙吾提卡巴克说: “世界上是没有这么个地方的,只天上有吧!听说天上的神仙最快活。”
哈山代吾来克说: “那末,我们就上天去吧,干嘛要呆在这个必须劳动的地方受人鄙视呢?”
沙吾提卡巴克说: “好倒好,不过怎么上去呢?能找到这么个长梯子吗?”
哈山代吾来克肯定地说: “这么长的梯子是找不到的。但是,没有梯子也可以上去。”
沙吾提卡巴克惊奇地问道: “怎么上去?”
哈山代吾来克说: “山谷里有一只大鹏鸟,小时候我跟父亲上去看见过。我们只要把这只大鹏抓住,它就会带我们上天去的。”
沙吾提卡巴克说: “好办法,我们就这样办好了。”
沙吾提卡巴克问道: “嘿!到了吗?我的手吃不消啦!”
哈山代吾来克望着云层的空隙说: “快啦!连窟窿都已经看见了。”
沙吾提卡巴克问道: “窟窿有多大?我们能不能钻进去呀?”
哈山代吾来克回答: “有这么大。”哈山代吾来克一面答应着,一面用手来比划窟窿的大小。