One day, a fox saw a crow sitting in a tree. The crow had a piece of cheese in her beak, and she sat in the tree to eat it. The fox thought, “I want that cheese,” and then hr thought of way to get it.

The fox walked to the foot of the tree and said, “Hello, Miss Crow. You look beautiful today.”

“Ready?” thought the crow while she looked down at the fox.

The fox said, “Your feathers are so colorful and your eyes are so bright. But birds are not only beautiful to look at. They are also beautiful to listen to.”

“Miss Crow , your voice is more beautiful than any other birds,” the fox said. “Please sing for me, and I will call you the Queen of birds.”

The crow smiled and lifted her head. She began to sing, but when she opened her beak, the cheese dropped to the ground.

The fox quickly ate it. “Your voice is wonderful,” he said, “but you are not very smart.” You gave me your cheese, so I will give you some advice: never trust anyone who flatters you.”