One day, a fox fell into a deep well and could not get out. A thirsty goat looked down into the well. He saw the fox. “How is the water?” asked the goat.

“The water is cool and delicious,” said the clever fox. “Come in and have a drink!” The goat was terribly thirsty. He jumped into the well without giving it a second thought. “But how will I get out?” asked the goat.

“We’ll help each other,” said the fox. “Put your front feet on the wall. I will climb up your back. Then I will help you get out.”

The goat agreed. He placed his feet on the wall. The fox quickly climbed out and started to run away. “Come back!” cried the goat. “I can’t get out of the well by myself!”

The fox turned back and said, “You silly old goat! Jump into the well was a foolish decision. You should always think twice before you act.”