A mosquito went up to a lion and said, “Everyone says you are the strongest animal in the world.”

“That’s right,” said the lion. “I am big and strong, and I have sharp teeth.”

“Well, I’m not afraid of you,” said the mosquito. “I am going to fight you, and I am going to win!”

“You could never win,” laughed the lion. “I am a thousand times stronger than you.”

“Here I come!” cried the mosquito, and he flew toward the lion’s face.

The mosquito landed on the lion's nose and bit him again and again. The lion tried to sink his teeth into the mosquito, but the mosquito was too small.

"I give up!" said the lion. "Please don't bite me anymore."

"I won!" shouted the mosquito as he flew away. But he didn't look where he was going and he became trapped in a spider's web.

"How strange," thought the mosquito. "I defeated a lion, but a tiny spider can defeat me."