There once was an old farmer. He was a hardworking man, so every year his harvest was very great.

One day, he became sick. He knew he would die soon. He wanted his two sons to look after the farm. "Long ago," he told them, "I put a great treasure in one of the vineyards."

After the farmer died, the sons began to dig carefully around the vines. Every day, they woke up early and worked until night. "We have to dig everywhere and find the treasure!" they said.

The two sons dug all summer, but they didn't find the treasure. They were tired and sad. They sat down near the fields and talked one day.
"Maybe our father was only dreaming," said the older son. The younger son was looking at the vineyards. The vines were full of big, juicy grapes. Suddenly, he understood. "Brother, this great harvest is our treasure!"

The older brother looked at the vines. "You're right! Our father has taught us a wonderful lesson: Hard work brings great rewards."