A farmer wanted to bring ten bags of rice to the market and sell them. He put five bags of rice on his horse and five bags of rice on his donkey.

The bags were very heavy, and soon the donkey became tired. "Please," he said to the horse, "could you carry one of my bags for me? They're so heavy, and you are stronger than I am.

"No," said the horse. "I serve the farmer, not you. He gave me five bags to carry, not six! _
You must do your job, and I must do mine."
The farmer, the horse, and the donkey continued walking under the hot sun. The poor donkey became more and more tired. Suddenly, he fell over at the side of the road.

The farmer tried to pull the donkey to his feet, but the donkey was too tired to move. Then the farmer took the donkey's five bags of rice and put them on the horse.
The horse realized he had made a big mistake. "If I had agreed to help the donkey," he cried, "I'd only have to carry one extra bag. Now I must carry all ten!"