There once lived a deer who had large, strong antlers. The antlers protected the deer from attacks, so enemies left him alone.

One day, the deer went to a pond to drink. The water was like a mirror. When the deer looked at his big antlers in the water, he was proud. "I look like a king," he said, "and this forest is my kingdom."

Then he noticed something else. "My legs are slender and my feet are small," he said. "They look so weak. I hate them."

While the deer was complaining, a wolf appeared at the pond. When the deer saw him, he ran toward the trees. The wolf quickly ran after him.

The deer was a fast runner and reached the trees first,but then his large antlers got stuck in some branches. When the wolf caught up to him, the deer cried out with regret.

"I admired my antlers, but they are the cause of my troubles. My legs and feet could have saved me, but I hated them. I didn't appreciate what was truly valuable!"