The kangaroo has a pouch where babies live until they can hop around on their own. Baby kangaroos are called joeys and are only the size of your thumb when they're born! Kangaroos live and travel in groups of up to 100.
• I live on the continent of Australia and on neighboring islands.
• I live in dry areas like deserts.
• I rest under shade trees and dug out areas.
• I stand on my two large feet and have a long, thick tail.
• I have red or brown fur with white arms and legs.
• I can grow to be 5 feet tall with a 3-foot long tail.
• I can weigh almost 200 pounds!
• I eat grass and small shrubs and can go for days without drinking water.
• I use my large feet to kick enemies and also can hop very quickly.
• I can jump more than 30 feet forward and hop more than 40 miles per hour.

袋鼠—— 地图上涂绿色的地方是我的家。
•我吃草和小的灌木, 能行走数天不喝水。
•我能向前跳30多英尺远, 并且每小时跳40多英里。