One day, a colt took a bag of wheat to the mill. As he was running with the bag on his back, he came to a small river. The colt could not decide whether he could cross it. Looking around, he saw a cow grazing nearby. He asked, “Aunt Cow, could you tell me if I can cross the river?” The cow told him that he could and that the river was not very deep, just knee high.
The colt was crossing the river when a squirrel jumped down fron a tree and stopped him. The squirrel shouted, “Colt, stop! You’ll drown! One of my friends drowned just yesterday in the river.” Not knowing what to do, the colt went home to consult his mum.
He told his mum his experience on the way. His mother said, “My child, don’t always listen to others. You’d better go and try yourself. Then you’ll know what to do.”
Later, at the river,the squirrel stopped the colt again. “Little horse, it’s too dangerous!” “No, I want to try myself,” answered the colt.Then he crossed the river carefully.
Real knowledge comes from practice.