卷福 I like,花生 I like,女王姐姐 I like,马铃薯 I 也 like。虽然腐国剧的更新速度经常给人宿便难排的痛感,但这并不妨碍我们跟它发生充满粉红泡泡的亲密关系。



1. The British are judged on which supermarket they shop at and the hierarchy often goes like this: Waitrose/M&S, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda, Lidl, Aldi.

2. You may hear a British person ask for “tomato ketchup.” As opposed to the onion ketchup?
英国人说番茄酱的时候可能会说 tomato ketchup 而非单纯的 ketchup。因为他们还有洋葱酱 onion ketchup。

3. Getting “pissed” means drunk, but it can also mean angered. Confusing.
Getting pissed不光有“被惹毛了”的意思,它也可以表示“喝醉了”,真是令人费解。

4. In restaurants, British people always insist on sitting by the window despite the views; even if it’s pouring (pissing*) down the rain and in the middle of a busy car park. (*Another use of “pissed!”)

5. If you don’t ask your British colleagues if they would like a cup of tea or a coffee when you go to make yours, then you instantly get the stink eye.

6. Drinking alcohol profusely is encouraged at most work events and the rejoicing together the next day with a unanimous hangover.

7. If you need to pee then it’s a “wee,” and if you need the bathroom then it’s “the toilet” or “loo.”
尿尿不叫 pee 而叫 wee。洗手间不叫 bathroom 而叫 toilet 和 loo。

8. The weather is a true topic of conversation, and you will discuss it with at least two people every day. (I now actively join in with this.)

9. The roads are small and the cars are often smaller.

10. There’s a high volume of hatchbacks on the road and the majority of people drive a manual car. If you have a driving license to drive automatic, then you cannot drive a manual. Oh, and an SUV is immediately called a 4x4.

11. Five-week paid vacations and amazing maternity leave is a real thing and does exist. Hats off to the British for that.

12. Be prepared to pack your own shopping bags and being asked if you would like to pay for a 5p bag (or upgrade to a “bag for life”) otherwise you’re left carrying your items in your hands as all shopping bags now cost 5p to save the environment.

13. When greeting someone you may hear “you alright?” rather than “how are you?” It’s the same thing, but it can get confusing.
跟人打招呼的时候,他们可能说“you alright?”而不是“how are you?”,两者的意思是一样的,不过有时真的很让人摸不清头脑。

14. The British are brand savvy. The vacuum is called the “Hoover;” cream cheese is “Philadelphia;”

15. Band aids are “plasters;”

16. Q-tips are “cotton buds.”

17. Parking lots are called “car parks,” and you will rarely find one that is free. Especially at hospitals!
停车场叫 car parks,而且基本没有几个是免费的,尤其是医院的那些!

18. Nurses don’t wear scrubs, and you’ll often see them in the traditional uniform (still a dress for women!)

19. British people don’t say they have “errands to run,” rather they have “things/ bits to do.”
英国人在需要外出做事的时候不说 have errands to run,他们说 have things/bits to do。

20. The police don’t carry guns; therefore, the general public do not carry guns (for the majority.)

21. British people do not make small talk with strangers, and they would never strike up conversation with someone on public transportation.

22. Occasions and get-togethers can sometimes drag on and end awkwardly because no one likes to make excuses to leave.

23. Everyone talks about getting home extensions, and it’s the norm as most houses are very small in comparison to American-style homes.

24. The British do not embrace the fall (aka Autumn) and completely by-pass the pumpkin spice craze like Americans. (Though thank you, Starbucks, for your Pumpkin Spice Lattes!)
英国人既不喜欢也不庆祝秋天(对了,他们管秋天叫 autumn 而不是 fall),而且英国人跟美国人一样对万圣节期间的南瓜口味狂热季完全无感(不过还是要感谢星巴克推出南瓜拿铁!)

25. There are only three main fast food restaurants, and those are McDonalds, Subway, Burger King, and the occasional KFC.

26. You will rarely see drive-thru banks, Starbucks, fast-food restaurants etc.

27. It’s called a “take away” rather than having “take out.”
外带食品叫 take away 而非 take out。

28. You rarely receive a lot of (if any) ice in your drink, British people would rather drink a warm coke rather than ice as they see it dilutes their drink and/or they do not get as much coke. This would be because there is no such thing as “free refills” (apart from Nandos or American restaurants like TGI Friday’s.)

29. Pickles are “gherkins” and “pickle” is a type of condiment.
腌黄瓜叫 gherkins 而不是 pickles,pickle 在英国指的是一种调味料。

30. It’s “jumpers,” not “sweaters.”
毛衣叫 jumpers 而不是 sweaters。

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