The unfailingly charming Tom Hiddleston is at it again.

The 35-year-old actor hit a Chicago news station while promoting new film I Saw the Light, stepping in for the local weather man and delivering the most satisfying report we've seen in years.

In Thor, Hiddleston played Loki, resentful brother to the thunderous Norse god. He was, of course, quick to blame "brother from another mother" for the rash of storms Illinois may see coming in from Oklahoma:

Despite playing the terrifying Marvel villain Loki in several films, Tom Hiddleston is one celebrity who’s not afraid to have a bit of fun. 

"The god of thunder has brought his skill set to bear on the locals," Hiddleston said, "so there is this huge storm front coming in. All that means is that Chris Hemsworth has taken his hammer and he's smashed it on the surface of the sky and it's going to rain a hell of a lot, so good luck with that."

Quick, but to the point.