British actor Benedict Cumberbatch is so hot right now. He is almost literally in everything. Cumberbatch fans were excited to see him reprise his role as the quirky and slightly sociopathic Sherlock Holmes. MTV News caught up with the very busy and talented actor, who attributes the show’s success to its “extraordinary” and “very intelligent, very loyal” fans.

Speaking of those intelligent fans, we asked Cumberbatch if he was aware of the extensive collection of creative and explicit fan fiction that has surfaced online since the premiere of the show’s first season.

“I am startlingly aware of it,” Cumberbatch said with a smile. “I don’t go seeking it, but Martin Freeman, who was an absolute luddite on the first series, suddenly came back from New Zealand having done a little radio short drama called “The Hobbit,” he came back and he had this beautiful Mac [computer] with him and said ‘Hey, look at this Tumblr.’ And I said, ‘What? Tumblr? What?’ He knows more about it than I do and he was showing me some of them. Some of it is really racy, un-viewable even on MTV. It’s cool.”

The charming Brit went on to say that he is flattered by a few of the depictions he’s come across and that he’s amazed how much time some fans have put into their work.

“I suppose my bodily proportions are quite flattering. I’m ripped, doing something I wouldn’t normally do with my body, or having done to it, involving Watson,” he said cheekily. “So that’s as far as I’ll hit about that one, but it’s all there on the Web if you want to find it. I was amazed at the level of artistry; people have spent hours doing it. ”